At North City Cricket Club we are working with Cricket Wellington to establish a Club Coach Development role to provide support and guidance to our coaches. Our Club Coach Developer can be contacted on: clubcoachdevelopment@northcitycricketclub.co.nz​​​​​​​

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New Scoring Platform - PlayHQ

New Zealand Cricket has made the decision to move from CricHQ to PlayHQ. 

All North City Junior teams in Year 5 and above are asked to score using PlayHQ.  A parent or supporter from each team scores the match together. Teams below this year level are welcome to score using PlayHQ but it is not a requirement. Scoresheets are available to download below for years 2-6. 

For e-scoring access through PlayHQ please get in touch with our Junior Convenor on juniors@northcitycricketclub.co.nz

Visit the NZ cricket website for PlayHQ e-scoring information​​​​​​​

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