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Come along and join the fun and excitement of playing cricket at North City Cricket Club. We cater for all ages from Year 0 to Year 8 for both boys and girls. The Junior Cricket season starts on Saturday 5th November.​​​​​​​

Important Dates for the Season
(note these dates are to be confirmed)

​​​​​​​18th August 2023 - Online Junior Registration Opens 

1st October 2023 - Online Registration Closes

Saturday 11th November 2023 - First Junior game for 2022-2023 Season

Saturday 16th December 2023 - Last game before the Christmas/Holiday Break

Saturday 27th January 2024 - Junior games resume

Saturday 23rd March 2024 - Last Junior game of season

Junior Prizegiving - 2024 date to be confirmed. 

Junior Cricket

SmashPlay Cricket – Beginners/Introduction

Superstarter is not a team based cricket game, instead it concentrates on skill development. At the end of each session children will enjoy a 'dual pitch' type game to practice the skills they have been learning. 

The idea is for younger children to learn basic cricketing skills and to have fun without spending time standing around getting bored. 

Our Superstarter sessions run on Sunday mornings during the cricket season. 

Soft ball Cricket Grades

The soft ball grades are for children in school Years 2 to 4, boys and girls. The games are played on Saturday mornings, generally starting at 8.30 am, however the Year 2 and Year 3 grades often play on one of the artificial turfs, and to maximise the use of these, some games will start at 11 am.

Please note: Children are placed in teams based on their current school year at time of registration. 

The games are played with a junior-sized soft ball so no protective gear is required. Each team has 8 players and, to encourage full participation, all players must bowl and bat. Batsmen cannot be ‘out’ but instead have runs deducted from their side; everyone bats 4 overs.

The Year 2 and Year 3 games are 16 overs per side, with games usually lasting around 1 hour.

In Year 4 each side bats 20 overs, and games last approximately 2 hours.

Hard ball Cricket Grades

The hard ball grades are for children in school Year 5 onward, boys and girls. Games are played with a 142g leather cricket ball. Protective gear (pads, helmet, abdominal protector and gloves) is worn by batsmen and wicket keepers. Many players choose to use their own equipment, but the Club also provides each team with gear and can loan individual gear for players. The games are played on Saturday mornings, starting at either 8.30am or 11.00am usually. 

Please note: Children are placed in teams based on their current school year at time of registration. ​​​​​​​

In the Year 5 and Year 6 grades each team has 8 players and, to encourage full participation, all players must bowl and bat. Year 7 and Year 8 teams have 9 players.

In Year 5 each side bats for 20 overs, Year 6, 24 overs and Year 7 and 8 each side bats for 30 overs.

Equipment and Uniforms

Superstarters (Years 0-1) – Any comfortable sports clothes and shoes may be worn.

Soft-ball Grades: (Years 2-4) Wear a North City Junior Cricket playing shirt; these shirts are provided by the club. Players need to wear white or black cricket/sports pants or shorts. Suitable sports footwear needs to be worn.

Protective clothing (eg. Box, gloves, helmet and pads are not required at this level) – but is optional for Year 4.

Hard-ball Grades: (Years 5-8) Wear a North City Junior Cricket playing shirt; these shirts are provided by the club. Players must wear white cricket trousers.  Cricket shoes or any other suitable sports shoe needs to be worn.

All players playing in Year 5 and up need to wear protective gear. This includes a helmet, pads, gloves and abdominal guard (box). The club will provide team helmets, pads and gloves and we welcome players to use these, but we do require players to purchase their own abdominal guard. Many players also prefer to provide their own bat, helmet, gloves and pads.

All Players are required to wear a North City Cap, these are available for purchase from our uniform supplier: NORTH CITY CRICKET | Code (codesport.co.nz)

Team shirts are borrowed by the player from the club for the whole season and must be returned at the end of the season. The cost of borrowing these tops is built into our registration fees. 

Game Details/Cancellations


The schedules for all games go up on the Cricket Wellington Website.

We will also update our Facebook page: @NorthCityCricket

Cancellations for Saturday games will be posted on both the North City Cricket and Cricket Wellington facebook pages.  




When does the season start?

The 2023/24 Junior Cricket Season starts on Saturday 11th November 2023

Can I purchase second-hand equipment?

We suggest looking on TradeMe or we have created a North City Cricket Buy/Sell/Swap facebook page.You could also post on social media sites such as Neighbourly and Facebook marketplace to try and find what you need. The club has some hardball gear available for players to also borrow throughout the season - just get in touch with us. 

What grade should I enter my child into?

Children play in their current school year level at time of registration i.e. year 4 children at school play in a year 4/grade 4 team. If you have any questions around this please contact the Junior Convenor, Michelle, at juniors@northcitycricketclub.co.nz. . 

When and where do we train?

​​​​​​​Trainings take place at Linden Park for the soft ball grades, and in the nets on Linden Park West for hard ball grades. Team coaches set the training days/times.

Where can I buy new cricket equipment?

North City has a sponsorship deal with Cricket Express in Newtown. All North City members will receive 10% discount on all purchases. The team at Cricket Express will be more than happy to provide advice on what equipment would be best for your child. 

Team Contacts / Junior Committee


Team Contacts

Once the teams have been confirmed (usually early-mid October), you will be contacted by your team’s coach and/or manager.  They will provide you with the contact information you need for your team.

Junior Committee

North City Cricket has a Junior sub-committee who is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of cricket for you and your child. If you have comments or concerns, please contact the Junior Convenor by email – juniors@northcitycricketclub.co.nz

The Club needs you to help us with coaching, managing or helping out on the Junior Committee. The Club is committed to investing in the development of all our coaches to see increased development of our junior cricketers. Please get in touch if you are keen to help out.


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