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2021/22 Season Dates / Formats

The 2021/22 season will start on the 23rd October for Men’s Division 1-7 and Women’s Division 1. All other grades including Junior Cricket will start their seasons on the 6th November.

Please find attached season calendars for each grade.

Draws for Men’s Division 1-2 will be published by 1st September at the latest, while draws for the remaining grades will be finalised once team entries have been received and confirmed. These will be published on CricHQ and the Cricket Wellington website.

Please note that these season dates and draws are subject to change dependant on ground preparation and the International and Domestic calendars.

New Grade Structures

After the senior men’s competition discussions held last season, we have implemented a new structure for the senior men’s competition.

This is largely around promotion and relegation in divisions 1 and 2. Promotion and relegation are still in place but are for specific formats only. For example, the team which finishes in last place in the One Day format will only be relegated in that format for the following season.

Please see below an overview of Division 1 & 2. Also attached is the structure for all grades and how winners are determined.


Winner / Promotion/Relegation

Division 1 - Ewen Chatfield Trophy

Teams play each other twice, home and away, with the top two sides contesting a final.

The team which finishes in last place will be relegated to Division 2 for the 2022/23 season (one day format only)

Division 1 - Two Day Competition

Teams play each other once. The Team who finishes in last place will be relegated to Division 2 for the 2022/23 season (two day cricket only)

Division 1 - Pearce Cup

Points are combined from the Ewen Chatfield Trophy and the Division 1 Two Day Competition to determine the two finalists, who will play a three day match to determine the winner.

Division 2 - One Day Competition

The team who finishes with the most competition points after the One Day Competition will be promoted to Division 1 for the 2022/23 season (one day cricket only)

Division 2 - Two Day Competition

The team who finishes with the most competition points after the Two Day Competition will be promoted to Division 1 for the 2022/23 season (two day cricket only)

Division 2 – Hazlett Trophy

Points are combined from the One Day and Two Day Competitions to determine the winner.

The team who finishes in last place after points are combined will be relegated to Division 3 for the 2022/23 season (If the side that wins Division 3 meets qualification criteria to play in Division Two)

A working group has been set-up to work through how points are allocated for the 2022/23 season in the scenario where a side is playing across two different divisions. Once a points system has been decided, clubs will be informed as soon as possible.

Division 5,6 & 7 - The other major change is in Division 5, where there are currently 10 teams. This means sides do not play each other an equal amount of times and does not align with the remainder of two day grades which have 8 teams. This causes problems with ground allocations and ensuring there are enough grass wickets to cover all Two Day grades.

To solve this, at the conclusion of the 2021/22 season, the two bottom sides in both Division 5 and 6 will be relegated to Divisions 6 and 7 for the 2022/23 season and there will be no promotion for the winners of Division 6 and 7 for the 2021/22 season. Usual promotion and relegation will resume in all grades from the 2022/23 season onwards.

Intercity One Day / T20 Grades – Each grade will be limited to 10 teams (the lowest grade may have more or less, depending on team entries) with the final round being finals and playoff matches. Promotion and Relegation for these grades has now been introduced.

Individual Trophies/Celebration of Cricket

Division 1 & 2 - Feedback from the Celebration of Cricket awards was that there is inconsistency in the way trophies are awarded across Men’s Division 1 and 2, with some trophies being inclusive of both grades (Best overall performance) and others that are not (Most Runs). With the new structure, where a team could be playing in both Division 1 and 2 in the same season, all Division 1 and 2 players will be eligible for individual awards. Performances in the T20 cup will also be included in deciding trophy winners. Please see the attached structure for awards and how winners are determined.

Division 1 Women - Three new trophies will be introduced for the Women’s Division 1 grade, to ensure fair and equal coverage across Men’s and Women’s cricket.

New Cup # 1

Awarded for best overall Women’s performance within Joy Lamason Trophy and Maureen Peters Plate. The winner is decided by the Competitions Manager.

New Cup # 2

Awarded for the highest score in Women’s Division 1. Score must be made within Joy Lamason Trophy and Maureen Peters Plate.

New Cup # 3

Awarded for best bowling figures in Women’s Division 1. Figures must be made within Joy Lamason Trophy and Maureen Peters Plate.

By-Laws & Playing Conditions Review

A review of the Cricket Wellington By-Laws and Playing Conditions has been undertaken (subject to Board Approval) and will feature a number of changes and additions. Once these changes have been approved, clubs will be provided an update. The main sections of the By-Laws and Playing Conditions which have been reviewed are:

  • Match Reports (Captains and Umpire Reports) and Non-compliance
  • Code of Conduct and the hearing process – Undertaken with New Zealand Cricket and First Class Cricket Umpires
  • Individual trophies and awards criteria has been added
  • The General Playing Conditions – Undertaken with Jeremy Busby
  • Two Day Cricket points structure
  • The addition of Playing Conditions for Women’s Cricket to align these grades with Men’s grades
  • Participation criteria for Men’s Divisions 1 & 2 and the monitoring of these criteria
  • Language has been updated to remove the terms “Premier” and to change the term “Batsman” to “Batter”

New Zealand Cricket have updated their helmet policy which can be found here. Note, there are no key changes from the previous policy where it is mandatory for junior cricketers to wear a helmet and strongly recommended for senior cricketers

The 2021/22 By-Laws and Playing Conditions will be provided to clubs once approved.

Councils & Facilities

Grass Wickets – Initial Conversations with Councils have indicated a likely date of 6th November for all Senior grades. This is subject to weather and the ability of Councils and Contractors to complete preparation.

Facilities Minimum Standards Document - Meetings have been had with all four local authorities to review our Facilities Minimum Standards document. This includes ensuring current facilities are maintained to a sufficient level and the identification of new cricketing facilities.

Ground Availability - There are a number of events in Wellington this upcoming summer which will impact club cricket and our usual facilities. The Women’s World Cup will be played in New Zealand throughout March, with Wellington hosting 7 matches including a Semi Final. This will mean that some parks around Wellington will be used for training bases, and we are working with New Zealand Cricket and the Wellington City Council to ensure the impact on Club Cricket is minimal. This will put strain on ground allocations and as a result most grades will most likely play one Sunday round depending on ground availability.

Women’s World Cup – Karori Park 1, 4 & 5 will be in use as a training base from 23rd March – 27th March. Karori 4 will be not be available to Club Cricket for the majority of the season.

Te Ra’s Hui Event – Te Whiti Park will be unavailable from 26th January – 31st January

Round the Bays – Kilbirnie Park will be unavailable the weekend of 19th – 20th February

Weetbix Triathlon – Kilbirnie Park will be unavailable on the weekend of 26th – 27th March

While there is a desire for all Two Day cricket to be played on grass wickets, there is a need to balance this with ensuring teams in other grades are playing at their home ground. With the shortage of grass facilities it is unavoidable that some matches in Division 7 will be played on artificial surfaces.

2020/21 Survey Results

Results from the 2020/21 Cricket Wellington Senior club cricket survey showed that the majority of respondents were satisfied with the 2020/21 season. The main areas of concern to participants were lack of Umpires, and lack of quality facilities, namely grass wickets for lower grades.

While we are happy with the result of the survey, it re-enforced our belief that the conversations we are currently having with the Cricket Wellington Umpires and Scorers Inc and the Local Authorities are justified and further work needs to be done to ensure that all participants are having a quality experience.

Pre-Season Meeting Dates

Senior Club Captain and Chair meetings will be held on the following dates at the Basin Reserve (The Library – Old Players Pavilion)

Divisions 1 and 2: Tuesday 28th September - 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Divisions 3 and 4:  Tuesday 28th September - 7.30pm – 9:00pm

Women’s Division 1: Wednesday 29th September – 6:30 – 7:30

We are wanting to create social media assets for club cricket this season, featuring the captains of all Men’s Division 1 & 2 and Women’s Division 1 sides.

This would require having those captains attending the above pre-season meetings, bring their limited overs shirt for a quick photoshoot which will happen immediately after the meeting.

Invites will be sent to Captains and Chairs shortly. (We have set aside 90 minutes for each meeting, but hope to get through them in around 60 minutes)

It is mandatory that a representative and the Team Captain from each club attends these meetings.

Men’s Division 1 & 2 Criteria

Please find attached the Division 1 & 2 Criteria Document. This needs to be returned by the 31st September 2021. I will engage with clubs directly if further explanation is required.

Competition Resources:

All information for the 2021-22 season including fixtures and results, season playing dates and resources can be found under the ‘Club Cricket ‘ tab on the Cricket Wellington website.

Club Resources will be continually updated here.

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